Elevator Maintenance Audits

We perform elevator maintenance audits and escalator maintenance audits across all 50 states.

What is an elevator maintenance audit and why should you get one performed?

An elevator maintenance audit is essentially a deep dive into the past performance of your elevator or escalator and a prediction of future performance. A maintenance audit is different than the required state or city inspection. An inspection only looks at items for code compliance or immediate disrepair. Inspections result in black and white reports and don’t consider your building needs or future performance.

What exactly does an elevator maintenance audit entail?

Our elevator maintenance audits are customized to each building's budget and goals.
Typically, our elevator maintenance audit follows the 5 steps outlined below.

  1. Initial customer and consultant meeting: We believe in face to face meetings to assess the goals of your building. Our elevator consultant will go over a check list with you to help us get to know you, your building, and your goals for the maintenance audit. This will allow us to get an overview of what you hope to get out of your elevator or escalator equipment in the future and what you might believe are past pitfalls of your equipment.
  2. Assess previous failures: We will investigate the maintenance and callback records for your equipment and compare them to industry standards as well as typical failure rates for the vintage of equipment that you own.
  3. Maintenance contract assessment: We will do a deep dive into your existing maintenance contract and look to see if you are receiving what is included in your contract. We will also compare this information to response times on your callbacks and make sure they are within an acceptable range. Many times this will include working with you to establish a new contract with your existing vendor or a replacement vendor in order to achieve your desired goals for your equipment.
  4. Future Expectations: We will provide an overview of what performance you can expect from your equipment if you continue your current path or if we alter the path of your elevator maintenance. We will provide an overview of future code changes that may affect your equipment, obsolescence that might occur on components of your elevator, and expected major repairs that will be included with your maintenance but affect the downtime of units.
  5. Capital Planning: As the final step of the maintenance audit we will provide you with a capital plan for possible upgrades to your equipment that may be required in the future. Elevators do have a life expectancy and while some can run for over a hundred years with minimal issues, building requirements change and upgrading elevator components is very similar to upgrading your computer. Each year elevator companies improve on designs and some of that technology becomes available as upgrades for older equipment. We will put together a capital plan for you that prioritizes costs based on your needs with your equipment and use of the building.