Elevator and escalator inspection requirements vary state to state and, in some states, they can even vary by county or city. In 3rd party inspection areas, the building owner is typically responsible for ensuring compliance with the local authority that has jurisdiction. DOMINION Elevator Inspections helps building owners and managers navigate the confusing and cumbersome inspection process to ensure elevators and escalators stay in full compliance. DOMINION specializes in assisting building owners with our turnkey approach to the inspection process.

DOMINION Inspection Process:


We monitor and manage all inspection due dates. DOMINION has its own proprietary system for notifications and alerts to let us know when your inspections are due and what type of inspection is required in order to ensure full compliance.


We complete a thorough inspection every time and our DOMINION inspectors meet with your building personnel after each inspection to review the report and provide next steps in the event there are issues that need correction.


In the event of any violations, DOMINION tracks all deficiencies in our proprietary system, provides alerts for any due dates, and notifies the responsible party.


DOMINION completes the inspection process by providing the required documents to the authority having jurisdiction over your elevator or escalator inspection and ensuring that your certificate is issued.

We Inspect the Following:

  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Wheel Chair Lifts
  • Handicap Lifts
  • Moving Walks
  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Annual and Pre-final Construction
  • Modernization Inspections

A Complete Inspection Includes:

  • Car Top
  • Pit
  • Hoistway
  • Machine Room
  • Cab and Lobbies
  • Paperwork