Why Us

Highly Specialized Professionals in Elevator Industry Standards

Dominion Elevator Inspections was founded in 1991. The company specializes in third party elevator, escalator, and vertical lift annual inspections, periodic inspections and consulting services.

Dominion has grown from its humble beginnings and we now perform tens of thousands inspections each year across the country. Whether a high rise building, a healthcare facility, casino, or a local church, we can perform your inspections or provide expertise for any of your consulting needs.

We build long term relationships with our clients. Our clients trust our ability to look out for their best interest and know they will receive a complete inspection at a fair price. Our clients also turn to us for their consulting needs to make sure their project is completed on time and within budget.

We have earned our reputation as a company that manages a complete inspection process. All of our inspectors have extensive field experience as well as a thorough knowledge of code. Our office staff is friendly and always willing to answer any of your questions.


These are the reasons that Dominion has grown to be the #1 choice of many national and local clients to provide inspection and consulting services on their elevators, escalators and moving walks.

  • We provide free estimates for any of our inspection and consulting services.
  • Our inspectors are trained to be personable and presentable in your building. We know how to keep an appearance to blend into your building as if they were part of your staff.
  • 100% complete inspection process. We manage this from A to Z and will explain every step along the way to ensure full compliance.
  • Consulting services for the tallest of the tall or smallest of the small. We have worked on everything from elevators that go less than 2’ of travel to casinos with every type of equipment imaginable.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific project requirements. Our vertical transportation experts can talk elevators and escalators all day, so contact us today!